Amanotes Careers | Game Monetization Specialist (Based in HCM)

Game Monetization Specialist (Based in HCM)

Monetization / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


  • Grow revenue through our Product Monetization team. This position is responsible for designing monetization offerings to capture product value and grow revenue via both in-app ads and IAPs. 


  • Understand product, conversion funnel and basic of game economy to design monetization strategy including ads and IAPs
  • Constantly review, analyze, design and perform experiments on monetization initiatives and find future optimization opportunities to grow revenue
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative research to explore and validate ideas
  • Conduct different kinds of research (product, market, competitor, user,…) to provide strategic learnings for business and build strategy
  • Monitor, analyze, and manage IAP systems and performance
  • Work with product team to define indicators and statistics to evaluate the IAP performance


  • 3+ years experience in the tech industry and product-driven environment (e-commerce, e-wallet, delivery,..)
  • Preferred experience working with pricing, promotion and sale optimization. Working in growth marketing, digital or game industry
  • Demonstrate strong organizational, time management, problem-solving, and communication skills
  • Proficient in data analytics and basic statistics
  • Project Management skill
  • Demonstrate a keen interest and understanding of technology, marketing, analytics, and data-driven solutions
  • Analytical capabilities and logical mindset
  • Fluent English in both written and verbal communication
  • Fast learning, self-learning ability
  • Be able to self-direct and work independently
About Amanotes

We are Amanotes - a dynamic interactive music company that's using 
cutting-edge technology to transform how people experience music. Since 2014, we have dominated the global simple music game market with over 3 billion downloads and more than 100 million monthly active users. As world’s top Music Game Publisher and top App Publisher from Southeast Asia by downloads, our ambition is to create the world's #1 interactive music ecosystem where “Everyone Can Music” in any way they want.

As we embark on our journey, we're working hard to broaden our portfolio with more advanced products like music gaming hub, music simulation, and music education apps. Come join our music-filled workplace and let's create some magical music experiences together!

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